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Welcome to Illinois Plinkit

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What is Plinkit?

Does your library need a website but you don't have the time or resources to build one from scratch? Or perhaps you have a fear of HTML? Does your library have a website but it's hard to maintain? Do you think your website could be doing more for you and your patrons?

Then Plinkit may be for you! You can use Plinkit to create an intuitive, dynamic website with little effort and no technical expertise. Your website will come with pre-built templates and content that is automatically updated.

 But wait, there's more!

The Illinois Plinkit Project will host your website, provide you with hands-on training, and give you a copy of your very own Plinkit Manual!

Want to learn more? Then check out a Plinkit demo site. Be sure to read below about the benefits of using Plinkit and how you can sign up to have a Plinkit website for your library.


Who Uses Plinkit?


Click here to see a list of Illinois Plinkit libraries


Sample Plinkit site 2 Plinkit Sample Image4 Sample Plinkit site 3


Why Use Plinkit?


  • The template is ready to go, just add your content.
  • Create an online library presence with e-resources and services
  • There is a page for Trustees so the library can meet the obligations of the Open Meetings Act.
  • Easily maintain a Calendar of Events for your library and community.
  • Community organization information can be added.
  • News items can be entered and scheduled to go live at a later date and at the same time be scheduled for removal.
  • Links are provided to FirstSearch and Ask?Away
  • The online catalog can be linked to your Plinkit webpage.
  • Your patrons have 24/7 access to the library and its resources.
  • You can use the Staff section as an intranet for internal calendar and discussions.


How do YOU get Plinkit?

Contact the Illinois Plinkit Project Coordinator:

Bev Obert, Resource Sharing Manager, Illinois Heartland Library System
phone: 217-429-2586 ext.105