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Plinkit Tips Newsletter September 2012

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If you missed the Plinkit Office Hours sessions held in August never fear.  You can view them now.

Here is the link to the Aug 22 office hours

The recording for the Aug 29 office hours is located here


 Looking at all of your websites there are some interesting things that you have been doing to keep your sites looking new and fresh.  It is our recommendation that you dedicate 1-2 hours per week to working on your web page.  Some weeks may take more time some less. 

 Another reminder: keep your Board of Trustees information up-to-date

There is a place under Board of Trustees to list the members of your library board.  Some libraries have taken pictures of the board as a whole, or taken individual pictures.  Others have added board members’ email address and/or  length of their term of office to their websites.

 Keeping this section of the website up-to-date is crucial to stay in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.  The Illinois template contains a page where board meeting dates can be posted.  By law you are required to post all the individual dates, times, and places where the meetings are held.  This can be done by calendar year of fiscal year.  Agendas for the upcoming meetings should be placed in the agenda folder 48 hours before the scheduled meeting and must remain up until the meeting is over.  There is also a folder where the approved minutes of the board can be posted.  This should take place within 10 days of the approval of the minutes. 

 Several libraries have been doing a good job at keeping this information up-to-date.  If you are uncertain how this would look on your pages, check out these examples.

Argenta-Oreana Public Library District

Berwyn Public Library

Flora Public Library

Steger-S. Chicago Heights Public Library

 If you have any questions about your Plinkit site you may contact Beverly Obert or Nick Bennyhoff