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Plinkit Tips Newsletter October 2012

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This is the Plinkit Tips Newsletter. Monthly we will send a brief newsletter to you with information about Plinkit and tips for using Plinkit.

Good News!!  All of your sites have been upgraded with the new Plinkit features.  The first feature is that of recurring events and skipping dates.  You have had the ability to put in a list of recurring event dates but if you had an interruption in the string of dates because of a holiday you had to stop and start the dates for that event.  No more.  Now you have the ability to put in dates that you want to skip.  Here is a short video from our Colorado friends on how this new feature works.  How to Skip Dates in a Recurring Event


The second new feature is the addition of font styles and colors.  You will find these in the text box area under the dropdown down menu that says Normal paragraph.  The new fonts are:

Blue Tahoma Bold

Blue Tahoma Large

Purple Century Bold

Purple Century Large

Red Alert

The Red alert will be useful to announce library closings or other important information.  This appears as white text on a red banner background.

To see a demonstration on how the new fonts work check out this short video from Colorado:

How to Change Fonts and Font Color


Looking for more ways to improve your website?  Michigan has a set of video tips that you might be interested in.  To see these tips go to videos have been mounted on Youtube and it is suggested you view them in the “Large Player” mode.


If you have any questions about your Plinkit site you may contact Beverly Obert or Nick Bennyhoff