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Plinkit Tips Newsletter November 2012

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This is the Plinkit Tips Newsletter. Monthly we will send a brief newsletter to you with information about Plinkit and tips for using Plinkit.

Keeping your website updated and fresh is often a challenge. Putting new content up every week can become a chore but if you want the people of your community to come back to your website it must be done. What can you do to make this easier?

First look at your website. Is your latest news article more than three month old? This will not bring
people back to the website; you need to put a news item up each week. A news item can be an
upcoming program or a report on the success of a past program. Try putting in a list of new books or DVD’s. Feature some older books around a theme. Think of it as a virtual book display. Do you have a staff member that has been with the library for many years? Write up a brief article about them and their service to the library. Talk about a library policy and point them to where all the policies can be found. Talk about the Trustees of the library, this is election time and petitions should be circulated. Have books been donated in memory of someone, feature them. This is a short list of what can become a news item.

Second look at the other parts of your website. Once a website is done it is easy to become complacent. Take some time to review it and answer these questions. Has a policy been changed but not added to the website? Has there been a change in staffing or on the board? Have you written a new Directors message? Are there items on the website that are outdated and need to be taken down?

Lastly, remember that your library website is a marketing tool. If you want to be successful in marketing the library through your website you must spend some time each week working on it. We recommend that you spend approximately 2 hours a week maintaining your website. Remember that when you publish news articles you can choose when they go live and when they should disappear. You can find information on how to do this in the Plinkit 2.0 User’s Manual on page 126. Use this feature to keep your website updated.

What do you do to keep people coming back to your web site? Do you have some tips or tricks that you would like to share with other Illinois Plinkit librarians? Please share them on the Plinkit list.

If you have any questions about your Plinkit site you may contact Beverly Obert or Nick Bennyhoff