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Plinkit Tips Newsletter December 2012

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This is the Plinkit Tips Newsletter. Monthly we will send a brief newsletter to you with information about Plinkit and tips for using Plinkit.

Happy Holidays to all of you Plinkiteers in Illinois.


With holiday closings, now is the time when you may want to try out the new Red Alert font.  This font is perfect for closing types of information.  It has white letters on a red background and stands out from the rest of the text on a page.  Red is a hard color to use on websites because of ADA compatibility.  This is why the Plinkit collaborative developed this special Red Alert font.

 The New Year is close at hand; remember to post the dates of your Board’s meetings on your website.  This can be done as the regular calendar year or as your fiscal year.  List the location, time, and each date on which Board of Trustee meetings will be held.

 This is also a time for making New Year resolutions.  There are the usual ones of losing weight, getting organized, and exercising more.  Make a resolution this year to update your website or review it to see what needs to be taken down and what needs to be updated.  All it takes is to dedicate 1-2 hours a week.  Soon you will have a fresh, welcoming webpage for your patrons to use.  Not sure how to do something on your Plinkit webpage?  Check out the Plinkit 2.0 User’s Manual located at under the Training Materials.

 May you all have a happy and safe Holiday and a great New Year!!


 If you have any questions about your Plinkit site you may contact Beverly Obert or Nick Bennyhoff