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About Plinkit

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Plinkit stands for Public Library Interface Kit.  Don't be put off by the word public.  While originally designed for public libraries in Illinois, all types of libraries are welcome to become Plinkit Libraries.

Plinkit, a webpage authoring software, allows even the smallest library to have an attractive, easy-to-update web page.  There is no need to know HTML or Front Page.  If you can copy and paste from a word processing program, you can use Plinkit.

Plinkit, using an open source software called Plone, was developed in Oregon by the Multnomah County Library with an LSTA Grant.  The software with its webpage template was given to the Oregon State Library.  Oregon invited states to join them in the development of this software for use by small, primarily public libraries.  Colorado, Texas, and Illinois joined Oregon.  This four-state collaborative has now expanded to also include the states of Virginia and Michigan and is open to other states and state-wide library consortia.

To join Plinkit or get help with an existing site, contact the Illinois Plinkit Team.

Interested in what Illinois libraries are already using Plinkit? See the list of Illinois Plinkit libraries.